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For a lawn and landscape to flourish throughout the year, tedious professional lawn service is critical.   LawnJax is the top choice for prestigious lawn maintenance in Jacksonville FL.   We are experienced with the local climate and know what it takes to perform all types of lawn and landscape maintenance.   Manicured landscapes with clean and crisp edges, properly shaped hedges and no weeds in the beds really stand out.   We specialize in attention to these details to maximize your curb appeal and the natural bliss of your property.


Your grass, plants and hedges grow at a very fast pace in Jacksonville, FL due to the warm and wet climate.   Our full-service landscape maintenance and lawn mowing service ensures that hedge trimming is a part of what keeps your landscape beautiful.   When properly cared for, your hedges can define boundaries while also providing a sound barrier and privacy screen.   Hedges can also serve as a background for colorful plants, or to help to protect against storm damage.   Our artistic and strategic landscape design, and our expert management of your landscape, will add to the curbside appeal and value of your property.

Our expert staff combines in-depth experience with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the conscientious lawn service that your landscape needs to thrive.   We understand your landscape maintenance needs and will exceed your expectations.   We pride ourselves on doing each and every job with the same level of service and dedication to quality.

Jacksonville Leaf Removal

Leaf and debris removal is another important part of full-service landscape maintenance service.   If leaves and debris are left on the lawn and mowed over they can harm your turf resulting in sod repairs.   While we do offer sod installation, we also offer leaf and debris cleanup to our clients in an effort to prevent unnecessary repairs.

We manage the weeds in the beds around your property as part of your regular lawn mowing service.   A bed of beautiful plants and flowers can become an eyesore without diligent weed removal and landscape maintenance.

Trust the top landscape maintenance service in Jacksonville, FL!   There is no reason for you to pay more or wonder whether your "lawn guy" will show up.   Few landscape maintenance service companies can beat our prices, and none of them can beat our quality and service.   If you want your landscape management done right, on time, every time, then call the professionals at LawnJax!

You can save yourself time and trouble with top-notch, professional landscape maintenance by calling LawnJax now at 274-YARD!

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The entire team at LawnJax is very professional, polite and diligent. I wouldn't consider using anyone else for lawn service.

Manuel Stuart Julington Creek

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I was delightfully surprised when I hired LawnJax to manage my yard. They charge less than my previous lawn service but they do a better job!

Richard Smith Fruit Cove